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Since 2016 is just about gone, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for trusting the team here at Pioneer Dental Group to keep you and your family smiling this past year. We have very much enjoyed seeing so many of you at our Oregon City dentist’s office.

As you list your New Year’s resolutions, we hope that you will include making your smile healthier and better-looking in 2017! To get going in the right direction, please take a look at your calendar and get your next preventive appointment with Dr. Pioch scheduled!

Picking up where our last blog post left off, today, we’d like to share some of our smile-saving suggestions. Keep reading, and then be sure to follow up with us to schedule that initial dental exam and professional teeth cleaning for 2017! See you then!

Brush The Best Way!

The American Dental Association reminds us that you should brush two or more times a day for two or more minutes per session. This will help prevent gum disease and cavities from taking over your mouth. There is always dangerous bacteria waiting to cause trouble.

Get The Floss!

Here’s the deal: even with excellent brushing habits, you still won’t be able to get to all of the surfaces in your mouth where food, plaque, and other bad things can build up waiting to cause bigger problems. Those spaces between your teeth are rather difficult to keep clean. You will thank us later for adding this important step now.

Find Fluoride!

Dr. Pioch has found that using fluoride is a great way to protect your smile. That’s why we want you to make it a regular component of your routine. That won’t be hard to do since it is contained in many mouthwashes and toothpastes. Additionally, your dentist can always set you up with a more intensive fluoride treatment the next time you are here.

Visit Your Oregon City Dentist!

While you can do plenty at home, you can’t really get the job done all by yourself. It takes a professional to see the bigger picture. Chances are good that, unless you work at a dentist’s office, you won’t have the necessary skills and training or access to all the tools and technology that will keep your smile looking its best.

But when you visit our dentist’s office every six months, our team can set you up with professional teeth cleanings, gum disease evaluation, comprehensive checkups, diagnostic exams and advise you on cavity-prevention techniques. We can also screen for oral cancer and look for signs of other issues elsewhere in your body. You will certainly want to make us part of your preventive plan!

Make It Happen!

We hope you were reminded that preventive dental care is a pretty big deal, and that we are here to do our part for you. All you have to do is contact our Oregon City dentist’s office today to arrange for your next appointment with Dr. Pioch! Just call (503) 388-4691!