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Tooth loss is a tough subject to think about, yet countless Americans suffer from it to some degree. Many of us lose one or two teeth to injury, decay, or gum disease, and over ten percent of Americans 55 and older are missing all of their teeth.

At Pioneer Dental Group we fight tooth loss all the time, and we’re constantly trying to figure out how best to treat it. The solution that is overwhelmingly superior to all the rest is dental implants. These amazing tooth replacements provide unmatched quality, stability, and ease of use for patients just like you in Oregon City.

If you’ve been thinking about dental implants to replace your missing teeth or those old uncomfortable dentures we’d love to give you a few reasons to finally take the plunge.

#1: They Really Restore Your Bite

How much bite force do you have with your dentures or with missing teeth? Multiple tests and measures of patients who wear dentures and those with multiple lost teeth confirm an obvious truth: you really can’t bite down as hard.

Dental implants are able to restore around 90 percent of the bite force you had with natural teeth. You’ll be able to eat your favorite foods again, chew without worry, and finally start living without constantly thinking about your teeth. Imagine biting into a sandwich just like you did years ago – it’s possible with implants!

#2: Implants Are Easy To Care For

We often get asked if taking care of dental implants is hard, and we always answer the same way: not at all! Once implants are healed and restored with a bridge or crown caring for them is just like taking care of natural teeth.

All you need to do to keep your implants healthy is brush twice a day and floss in the evenings – it’s really that simple! No more denture soaking, brushing, sterilizing, or any of those old hassles. Just comfortable, easy living with permanent teeth.

#3: They Stay Put

We offer a lot of different implant options, but they all have one thing in common: they’re stable and reliable. Bridges and crowns attached to implants are just as reliable as real teeth – can you say that about your dentures?

Speaking of dentures, we can even use dental implants to give you current dentures a bit more support. We can use a series of implants that your dentures pop right on to. You just put them in when you wake up and they stay right where you want them to be until YOU choose to take them out.

#4: Nothing Look As Natural, Except For The Real Thing

A lot of denture patients are unhappy with the slightly fake look of their teeth. It’s difficulty to completely disguise dentures, but not dental implants. Once placed and restored you’ll have a hard time making them appear unrealistic.

Implants, whether a single tooth crown or a full mouth bridge, don’t rely on excess materials to help them blend in and stay in place. Your teeth will fit perfectly with your already existing ones, or will perfectly hide in your gumline to create a stunningly natural looking new smile.

#5: They’ll Make You Feel Happier

Patient satisfaction for both full and partial dentures declines the longer they have them. It’s easy to see why: the fit changes, the frustrations become constant, and every day is a struggle to even want to put them in. Those kinds of hassles can truly change your life – you may shy away from time with friends and family, avoid leaving the house, and your diet can suffer along with your health.

Dental implants don’t just change smiles – they change lives too. Your teeth will cease to be a burden and finally be an asset to living a comfortable, happy, healthy, and social life. Smiling won’t be difficult, you won’t need to be scared of embarrassing yourself, and there won’t be any more special considerations for meals. There will just be you, your great smile, and a happy group of friends and family.

Dental Implants: They Just Make Life Better

Transforming your life can seem impossible when you’re in the depths of denture or tooth loss depression. The answer you need is close, however, especially if you life in Oregon City, Gladstone, West Linn, Beavercreek, or other surrounding communities.

We’d love to have the chance to show you how we can transform your life with dental implants, so don’t wait: give Pioneer Dental Group a call today at 503-388-4691. You can also request an appointment online. We can’t wait to see you!