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You probably hear a lot of talk about how dental care lasts a lifetime, but don’t get sick of it. There’s a reason we’re trying to constantly hammer home the idea that great dental care takes constant practice and years of good habits: because it does.

At Pioneer Dental Group we care for adult patients of all ages, and we think it’s valuable for you to know about typical oral health issues you’ll face as you age. Today we’re going to break down good dental by by decade so that you’ll know precisely what could happen to you as you age.

Your Twenties

Oh, to be young again. That’s what most of us our thinking as we read this, probably. For those of you in your twenties enjoy this time of life – it’s fun, you’re young, and the world is a brand new place for a newly independent person!

Patients in their twenties often end up sporting some new cavities as they go through this decade. Your college years are a hectic time that tries to balance learning, focusing on the future, having a social life, and becoming an adult: where’s the time to think about your teeth?

Be sure you’re not forgetting to brush twice a day, floss every night, and stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget about oral care when you’re up all night slamming energy drinks and cramming for exams, and that’s a recipe for poor oral health as you hit your thirties. Regular dental appointments are essential too!

Your Thirties

There’s still just as much stress at this point in life, but the reasons why have definitely shifted. It’s not school anymore – it’s a family, a mortgage, a job, and kids. The constant stress you deal with in your thirties can lead to a lot of jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and gnashing that’s known as bruxism.

Treating bruxism and jaw pain that comes with it isn’t difficult, but we do need to do it quickly. Without treatment you can continue to experience pain in your TMJ that will only get worse. Chronic jaw pain isn’t a good way to live, especially if it starts in your thirties and never goes away!

Your Forties

As you settle into your adult life your teeth start to wear out – how unfair! Your forties are the time in life when you need to start really thinking about enamel loss, gum disease, and the future of your oral health. If you take the proper steps now you can drastically increase your life expectancy due to good oral health.

Dental checkups are mandatory at this point in life. We want to be aware of every little change in your oral health so that we can nip problems in the bud. Early signs of gum disease and tooth decay are easily recognized if we’re seeing you every six months.

You should also start focusing on eating healthy for your body and your teeth. Foods that are high in fiber are a great health benefit at this age, and they do a lot for your teeth too! Make sure you continue to drink a lot of water and practice good oral care habits – brushing and flossing can be the difference between a natural smile and a fake on in just a few years time!

Your Fifties

Statistically speaking, around ten percent of adults in their fifties and older are missing all of their teeth. Tooth loss is the end result of bad habits in your youth, like not flossing, lax brushing, smoking, and a poor diet. If you’re still sporting a healthy smile at this point in life you’re lucky, and you can keep it going with good care!

It’s easy for older adults to become dehydrated, which poses lots of problems for oral health. Keep drinking water, eating well, and staying active so your body and your mouth stay healthy!

If you are suffering from tooth loss we can treat you with state-of-the-art dental implants. These amazing tooth replacements can stop further tooth loss and even permanently replace dentures!

Practicing Good Care Never Ends

Good dental health starts as soon as you have your first tooth and lasts until the end of your life. By incorporating some of the practices we mentioned into your routine you’ll be doing a lot for your health, and hopefully keeping your natural smile for life!

We’d love to help you make the most of your dental health no matter your age. Request an appointment online or give our Oregon City office a call at 503-388-4691. We look forward to seeing you soon!