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Now that we are a few weeks into 2018, how are your resolutions going? Even if you have fallen off of the diet wagon and are still reeling from your last gym session, it is not too late to recommit yourself to dental health habits that will have you smiling all year long.

Want better overall health? Start Flossing.

Just brushing your teeth isn’t enough anymore. Brushing your teeth effectively cleans just more than half of the surface of your teeth. Even the best brushers are not able to remove the plaque that sits between the teeth and around the gums.

If that’s not enough reason to floss, more than 500 bacteria species can live in the plaque that rests between your teeth. Some of these bacteria species are there to help you break down food particles left behind after you eat. Others can cause tooth decay, bad breath, or even illness. That is why flossing isn’t just important for your dental health, it is important for your overall health as well. Water flossers, floss picks, or plain old dental floss can help remove this plaque in a matter of minutes, but they do not work if you don’t use them.

Give Up Sugary Beverages

Giving up sugary drinks is one of the best ways to kill two resolution birds with one stone. Not only will you save between 200 and 600 calories per beverage (we are looking at you Java Chip Frappuccino), you will not be left with a sugary film coating your teeth and harboring bacteria. If you must indulge in an amped up beverage, try going small and chasing it with water to minimize the effects of sugar.

Visit the Dentist

There is no better time than the New Year to make an appointment with Pioneer Dental in Oregon City for a semi-annual dental cleaning. Not only will you dramatically decrease the likelihood of developing costly dental problems later on, you will experience the joy of having accomplished one of your goals for the year. (Bonus: It will be easier to remember to call your dental office next year.)  

Even if you are scarfing down pizza while you read this, it is not too late to do something great for your overall health. Call our dental office and schedule your appointment for an examination and dental cleaning.