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Tired of your dentures? If so, you’ve probably spent at least some time looking into alternatives for those annoying, unreliable teeth. One of the things you’ve probably come across in your research is dental implants – but do you want to wait months for them to heal before you can have a set of permanent teeth?

At Pioneer Dental Group we don’t think you should have to put up with months of waiting between dental implant placement and a set of fixed teeth. Thankfully we have the technology to back that up with our same-day smile system!

What Is A Same-Day Smile?

Imagine coming in to our office wearing dentures and leaving with a full set of fixed-in-place teeth: that’s the same day smile solution. We can place four dental implants in each arch of your mouth with incredible precision, allowing you to bear weight on your implants and live with teeth immediately after your procedure.

Placing implants that can bear an immediate load is an incredibly detailed process that’s made possible with our 3D cone beam scanner. We’re able to create a completely 3D model of your face that shows us every last bit of detail we need to place implants at the optimal angle. You’ll still have to go easy on your teeth for a while so your implants can heal properly, but they’ll be ready for full use in less time than you could imagine!

Who Can Benefit From A Same-Day Smile?

Don’t assume that just because you have a few remaining natural teeth that you’re disqualified from the procedure. When we plan your same-day smile procedure we’ll also be extracting any remaining teeth too. Partial denture wearers and those with only a few unhealthy remaining teeth can both get a same-day smile.

In some instances prior treatment may be necessary if you’ve lost a lot of bone mass. Tooth loss inevitably leads to shrinking jawbones, so oral surgery may be needed to regenerate bone tissue prior to your procedure. These instances are rare, though.

Will A Same-Day Smile Hurt?

Not at all! We’re always sure to completely anesthetize the area during your implant placement, and we also offer several different levels of sedation so that you can sleep right through your procedure. You won’t even realize what’s going on – you’ll just wake up with a new smile!

As for recovery from a same-day smile procedure, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is. We’ve had plenty of Oregon City area patients returning for a follow up express surprise at how little pain they felt during recovery! In just a matter of weeks you’ll be living life just as easily as you were when you had a mouthful of natural teeth.

Why Get A Same-Day Smile?

Let’s face it: no one really loves their dentures. You constantly fight with them, deal with slips and embarrassment, and put up with sore gums on a regular basis. If that isn’t reason enough we don’t know what is!

On a serious note, full mouth dental implants are an ideal way to restore lost teeth. Denture patients commonly suffer from malnutrition due to having a limited diet, and our full mouth implants will allow you to eat almost anything without a problem.

Implant patients tend to have better health, a longer life expectancy, and a much higher quality of life than those wearing dentures. If you want to have happy, fulfilling golden years then implants are the way to get there!

We’ll Make It Easy

From the moment we do your initial consultation you’ll know exactly what to expect from your same-day smile and your dental implants. We’ll give you a comprehensive exam to assess your oral health, take a 3D image of your face, and explore all your options with you. By the time you’re done with that first appointment you’ll know exactly what the future of your smile holds.

Your procedure, recovery, and follow-up will all be closely monitored by our team. We want to make every patient experience a good one, and we want to make yours the best it can possibly be!

Dental Implants: They’re Life Changing!

Want to find out how much your life will change with dental implants? The answer is just a phone call away! Contact our Oregon City office today at 503-388-4691 or request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!