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I have a very important message for you: you’re spending too much time at the dentist. You probably didn’t expect a dentist to say that. I’m not writing this to say dentistry is a waste of time or to give you an invitation to skip your dental appointments. Quite the opposite.

As an Oregon City dentist, it’s my responsibility to educate my community about the latest and greatest technology and tooth restoration options. Dentistry has changed for the better. Treatments are faster and more accurate than ever. What used to take a few days now can be completed in just a few hours. Today I want to show you some ways you can get a great smile in about half the time.

Same-Day Smile Solutions With Newer Technology

If you have failing teeth or teething that need to be removed, it can take months to get a permanent restoration that you need. Whether you decide on a dental implant or a removable denture, most dental offices need several weeks in order to provide you permanent restorations.

At Pioneer Dental Group, we do things much differently. We have implemented the latest technology so we can restore teeth and rebuild your smile quickly and accurately. We call these immediate-load implants. If you have enough jawbone levels, we can place a dental implant immediately after the tooth is extracted and then restore the implant with a provisional crown. Dental implants are your best option for replacing permanent teeth, as the implants merged with the jawbone and secure your permanent restorations. Dental implants also give you about 90 percent of the biting force of natural teeth, and they can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Get Rid of Cracks, Chips in the Smile

Small imperfections in your teeth can destroy an otherwise good smile. It’s still shocking for me, a dentist, to see how a person’s smile completely changes from the tiniest chip or crack. Our teeth can chip or crack for a number of reasons, including trauma and natural wear and tear. At Pioneer Dental Group, I regularly help my patients overcome their chipped or cracked teeth using veneers. Veneers are thin, fingernail-like shells that fit over the tooth to cover imperfections. I offer a variety of veneers, including prepless veneers.

Traditional veneers require us to remove a portion of the enamel to place the restoration. If your enamel is damaged anyway, say by a break, this process is a win-win. But some patients would rather cover their imperfections without removing any of their tooth structure. This is where prepless veneers come into play. These veneers are ultra and require no drilling or shots. Even better, the entire treatment can be completed in one visit and are a fraction of the cost of conventional veneers. Our prepless veneers come with shade chart so we can match the veneer perfectly with your smile.

Manage Your Gum Disease Without Lengthy Conventional Surgery

You’ll hear me and my dental team talk about gum disease a lot. It’s frightening. About 75 percent of Americans will struggle with gum disease, which is connect to problems like heart disease and diabetes and happens to be the leading cause of tooth loss.

For decades, the only way to treat gum disease was with a scalpel. That’s right. Oral surgeons used a scalpel to remove the infection and then stitched the gums back together. If it sounds invasive and comfortable, that’s because it is. We have a new treatment that uses lasers instead of scalpels. The lasers evaporate the infection and then create an environment for the teeth and gums to reattach naturally. Consequently, the laser dentistry is much faster and leads to a faster recovery.

Dentistry is getting more advanced and accurate by the year. We’re achieving more accurate results, better recovery, and saving our patients time and money. You deserve the most modern care available. Call our office today at 503-388-4691 to schedule your appointment with us.