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Root Canals | Oregon City Dentist

Every patient who walks through our doors has an underlying fear of the dental procedures they’ve seen dramatized by Hollywood. Since childhood cartoons, the dental office has been portrayed as a frightening place where dentists enjoy torturing patients with frightening procedures like the root canal.

While these scenes in your favorite television shows and movies are often funny, the unfortunate truth is that many patients end up feeling afraid of procedures that are not really frightening! Even more concerning is when a patient refuses or avoids a necessary procedure, like the root canal, out of fear.

Hollywood’s Portrayal

If you were to believe Hollywood’s portrayal of a root canal, you would believe that this procedure is the most excruciating thing a dentist could ever do to a patient. Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be very comfortable if you just walked in and a dentist did it, but there are other factors that Hollywood doesn’t include such as numbing, sedation, and the fact that you are probably in a lot of pain before you walk through the dental office door.

When a Root Canal is Necessary

A root canal is used to remove infection from the inside of your tooth. This happens when a cavity goes untreated, a filling forms a leak, a crack is unnoticed, or you have some sort of injury to your tooth. Bacteria has to have some way to get deep into your tooth to the dental pulp. Once there, the bacteria creates the infection that will probably cause you quite a bit of pain.

Patients describe days of not being able to lie down. They say the pressure is excruciating. Patients miss work, school, and daily life because of the infection. If allowed to continue, the infection would eventually end your tooth’s viability, and it would fall out or have to be removed.

A Root Canal Procedure

Rather than risk losing your tooth, we suggest completing the root canal procedure in a timely fashion. You will come into the office and be offered dental sedation (if you opt for oral conscious sedation, you will take it before you come in). This will help you relax before your procedure begins. Once you are feeling relaxed in our comfortable chairs, we will numb the entire area in and around your tooth.

A root canal is similar to having a cavity filled. We remove the infected area (the dental pulp), clean it, and fill the area with a medicated filling material. Your root canal procedure is completed with a natural-looking crown placed over your repaired tooth.

Don’t Let Fear Cost You a Tooth

Many people who are in need of a root canal stay away from the office out of fear of the procedure. Root canals at Pioneer Dental Group are comfortable, fear-free, and effective. You will walk out of our office with a healthier smile and your natural tooth intact!

Call (503) 305-5051 or contact us using our online form so that you can set up an appointment for your next checkup. Remember, the best way to avoid a root canal is to see us on a routine basis!



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