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Athletic Mouthguards | Oregon City Dentist

Helmets, pads, shin guards, and chest protectors. These are all protective equipment that athletes wear during events and practices to ensure that they are safe from harm. What about their smiles? If you or your child is an athlete, do you have adequate protection for your teeth while you are competing in the sports that you love?

One thing patients often don’t think about is the fact that even though a sport is not a traditional contact sport, contact can still happen! Take mountain biking as an example. You might enjoy going for a ride with your friends on the weekends and never even think about protecting your teeth. All it takes is one tumble, and you could be facing complex, expensive, and uncomfortable dental work! The same goes for any other sport. All it takes is that one incident to ruins your “It’ll never happen to me” attitude.

Getting the Best Mouthguard for YOUR Needs

Don’t waste your time and money on those mouthguards you find at the store. While they may seem like enough, they rarely are. If a mouthguard is not made to FIT your teeth, it cannot be expected to PROTECT your teeth. Even the boil and bite mouthguards are not ideal (though they can be a great backup in an emergency).

Those stock mouthguards are too big, bulky, and uncomfortable for most athletes. You can’t breathe. You can’t communicate with your team. You can’t even close your lips all the way. These are all problems when you are in the midst of your event!

A Custom Mouthguard Solution

Here at Pioneer Dental Group, we know just how important it is that you have protection for your teeth that doesn’t hinder your ability to perform in your sporting activity. That’s why we make custom mouthguards that are comfortable, effective, and fast! We often can complete your mouthguard in a single day!

A custom mouthguard is made from an impression taken of your teeth. Once we know the exact shape of your mouth, we will create the guard that makes the most sense for your activity. In other words, if you are the star of the football team, you need a thicker mouthguard than if you are making spikes for the volleyball team!

Compliance is Important

What we find is that many parents are hesitant to invest in a custom mouthguard because their student athlete rarely wears the one they purchased from the store. Of course they don’t want to wear it if it is uncomfortable and hinders their ability to play!

If you want compliance, you need to go with a mouthguard that looks cool, fits well, and works great. The only mouthguard on the market that does all of those things is the one that is custom made for you or your young athlete’s smile.

Learn more about your mouthguard options when you call today. We would love to help you find the solution that will work best for you and your sporting events. Simply call (503) 305-5051 or contact us using our online form. Don’t leave your smile to chance!



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