Gum Reshaping | Oregon City, Oregon

Gum Reshaping | Oregon City, Oregon

Your gums play a very important role in your mouth. They help to support your teeth and protect your tooth roots from being exposed to stimuli. When healthy, pink, and at the appropriate levels, your gums actually create a beautiful look to your smile. However, your gums can also ruin the look of your smile.

Excessive Gums?

You may have what we called a “gummy smile.” This simply means that your gums are too much for your teeth. The gums have stretched so far down your teeth that your teeth look short and stubby, and your gums take up your entire smile. If this is you, you probably hide your smile whenever possible because the look can be really embarrassing!

So what is there to do? Can your gums be changed to give you a more natural-looking smile? Of course! Our careful approach to gum reshaping will enable you to change your gums so that every smile is filled with self-confidence.

Gum Reshaping Could Solve Your Smile Woes

You don’t have to accept your genetically abundant gums any longer! We have the ability to completely rework your gums so that you have the smile you can be proud of once again! The process itself is very straightforward, though it can cause soreness to your gums, just as any oral surgery would.

The process begins with a consultation appointment. Come in and sit down with Dr. Pioch to let him know exactly what you would like to see for your smile. He can advise you in the best way to improve the look of your teeth. If gum reshaping is indeed the best way to alter your smile, Dr. Pioch will show you exactly how that process will work.

When you come in for your procedure day, we will help you feel comfortable with nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. Your gums will be numbed completely before we begin working on them. Dr. Pioch will carefully remove any gum tissue below a predetermined line. This will sculpt your gums so that they rest beautifully at a more natural-looking level.

Once the work is complete, we will let you see your new smile! Gum reshaping often requires a bit of time to heal. Due to the sensitive nature of gums, they may be sore for about a week, but the results will be outstanding!

Is Gum Reshaping for You?

Deciding to change the look of your gums is a decision you will want to make with Dr. Pioch. This procedure is not for everyone. You must have healthy, robust gums to undergo this process of removing extra tissue. If you are struggling with gum disease or poor dental health, this procedure will have to wait until you are healthy.

The best way to find out if gum reshaping is an option for you is to call (503) 305-5051 or contact us using our online form. Dr. Pioch is ready to meet with you and help you get the smile of your dreams, so don’t hesitate to call!



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