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Straight Teeth Without the Metal


Dental technology continues to improve, and now your braces don’t even need to be obvious! At Pioneer Dental we are able to offer the top two brands of invisible braces, both which get the job done by straightening your your teeth.


Quality Braces

Braces have been the bane of teenagers and adults for years – we all want and need straight teeth, but the cost of always on, uncomfortable, wire braces was a multi-year sentence.  This is no longer true, thanks to invisible braces:

  • Almost completely invisible
  • Removable
  • Made in America
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day
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Invisalign retainers are clear braces retainers that provide an aesthetic snug & comfortable fit all day long. 

ClearCorrect invisible braces work well for simpler situations at a lower cost.


Dental Care Planning &
Teeth Straightening

Straighter, then Whiter

Our dentists are excited to work with you on the ultimate smile restoration plan.  Getting your teeth straightened using invisible braces is a great first step, particularly when followed up with Teeth Whitening.  A straighter, whiter smile can be the beginning of the restoration of your confidence and ultimate success.

Financing Available

A quick application at our dental office will let you know if you have financing options for teeth straightening, whitening, or restorative dental work.  We often partner with Care Credit to get you the money you need for dental work, with the payment structures that make if affordable.

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