Same-Day Smile | Oregon City Dentist

Same-Day Smile | Oregon City Dentist

When you are faced with the reality of complete tooth loss, the last thing you want to worry about is time. Now that you’ve made the decision to remove the rest of your teeth and go with a replacement, you want that replacement to happen as quickly as possible. Here at Pioneer Dental Group, we can help you make that transition in a single day.

The Transition

It is always a difficult decision to give up the rest of your natural teeth and accept your fate with dentures. Patients are rarely happy with the decision, but once they have a full set of teeth in their mouth, they feel ecstatic!

If you have been living with several missing teeth, you have probably forgotten the feeling of being able to take a bite out of any food and truly enjoy it. You have forgotten how it feels to smile freely without covering your mouth or wondering who is staring at your broken-down smile.

Making the decision for a full set of teeth to be replaced seems like failure, but it is actually the beginning of something brand new. The dental implant solution will help you with this transition because implants make your entire restoration function better!

Same-Day Smile Procedure

When you come in for your same-day smile procedure, you will be nervous. You can choose from a sedation method so that you are completely relaxed while we work. Once you are settled and at ease, we will numb your entire mouth.

The first step after you are comfortable is to remove any remaining teeth. This extraction process is not always necessary, but it is over very quickly. Next, you will receive your dental implants. Before your procedure, we will have sat down and planned the placement of your implants, so the only thing happening on procedure day is the actual placement.

The implants are placed directly into your jawbone for optimum strength and support. The final step is to attach a denture to those implants. It will take a few months for your implants to fully heal, so this denture solution may not be the permanent set of teeth that you will keep, but it will help you get by in the meantime.

An Immediate Difference

There is an immediate difference and an immediate boost of confidence for patients who are transitioning from few or no teeth to a complete dental restoration. Patients look in the mirror and cannot believe the transformation! You will look years younger, and you will feel completely confident!

We love the results that come from the same-day smile procedure, and we hope that we can find a solution for your smile needs. Get started with a consultation appointment when you call (503) 305-5051 or contact us using our online form. Your meeting with Dr. Pioch and our staff will give you the information you need to help you make a decision. This is also a great time to ask questions, so call today!



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